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*Current Opportunity* Mimal Water & Sanitation Project

LOCATIONArnhem Land, Northern Territory, Australia DRIVEN BYMimal Ranger Base

The Mimal Ranger Base is the hub that provides land management and support services across the wider Central Arnhem Land community and encompasses 20,000 square kms of diverse land systems including rock country, woodlands and freshwater places. In addition to caring for Country, the Ranger Base provides a women’s ranger program, land management education for young people, learning on country program, ceremony and language programs and a health clinic among other services.


Access to water and sanitation infrastructure has been identified by Mimal Land Management as a key priority in their Healthy Country Plan to meet the needs of the community, now and into the future. 

Together with IWSH (International Water, Hygiene and Sanitation Foundation), the Reece Foundation and volunteer tradies, this project will deliver a culturally appropriate, practical and sustainable water supply and waste management system at the Mimal Ranger Base.   

We are looking for plumbers to join us for two weeks commencing 28th July 2024. Experience in maintenance, metal fabrication/welding or plant operator skills are highly desirable. To view the assignment description, CLICK HERE.

Watch this short video to learn more. 

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The outcomes of the project are: 

  • Connect a new borewell and water supply system.

  • Installation of five rainwater tanks for drinking water

  • Installation of a water treatment solution

  • Improvement to existing plumbing systems on site.

These components will provide immediate upgrades to the existing infrastructure at the Mimal Ranger Base and future proof planned renovation works due to take place later in 2024.