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Clean water for students in India

LOCATIONIndiaDRIVEN BYVOC Rural Development Centre

Government schools in the Madurai district of India have been facing an acute water shortage and the district is well known for its hot weather. Children studying in government schools often face dehydration, water-borne illness from seeking out contaminated water sources nearby, and lower school attendance rates due to lack of water availability in schools. The Reece Foundation are proud to support VOC Rural Development Centre to provide clean water solutions for two governments schools in the district.


In the Vadipatti block of Madurai district, India, many government schools are deprived of drinking water. Sozhavandan and Vadipatti Government Girls Higher Secondary Schools were equipped with old and small water tanks and the plumbing lines of these schools were rusted, therefore there was no water supply to these two schools.

Children and staff brought 500ml to 1 litre drink bottles from home.  However, due to the hot climate this wasn't sufficient and some children were drinking water from contaminated sources such as the wells, ponds and lakes located near the schools.

VOC Rural Development Centre project managed the construction of a borewell, water tank and tap outlets in both Girls Higher Secondary schools, providing students with access to clean drinking water.


Through the Reece Foundation Grant program, VOC Rural Development successfully sunk two boreholes in Sozhavandan and Vadipatti Government Girls Higher Secondary School, with casing pipes and submersible electric motors.

Each borewell was connected to a water tank mounted on a specially constructed platform, with connections to multiple tap outlets to allow students to collect clean drinking water at school

A maintenance committee was formed with the representatives of students, Parent Teacher Association, panchayat administration and VOCRDC.

And ultimately, the project resulted in approximately 1,800 students and 200 teachers gaining access to clean drinking water at school.

"Access to clean and safe water is not just a necessity; it's a lifeline for communities across India. Thanks to the Reece Foundation, we were able to make a significant impact by providing safe water facilities in two Government Girls Higher Secondary Schools in Vadipatti and Sholavandan of Madurai District, Tamilnadu, India. This initiative didn't just benefit the schools but also had a positive ripple effect on families in the vicinity, improving their lives and well-being"

Mr. R.S. Ramasamy, Executive Secretary, VOC Rural Development Centre


Reduction in Water-Borne Illnesses

Prior to the project, students and staff were forced to rely on nearby contaminated water sources due to the lack of available in the schools. The provision of safe drinking water in school has reduced the rate of absenteeism associated with water related illnesses.

Enhanced School Attendance Rates

Availability of safe drinking water within the school premises significantly impacted school attendance rates. Children no longer need to seek water from distant sources during school hours, which previously resulted disruptions to their learning, and the improved facilities foster a conducive learning environment.

Strengthening Disaster Resilience

The project's focus on enhancing water infrastructure and facilities in schools has contributed to building disaster resilience in the region. In times of emergencies or natural disasters, the schools' water availability will play a crucial role in providing relief and support to the affected community.


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