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Water wells for drinking and agriculture in Uganda

LOCATIONNorthern UgandaDRIVEN BYLove Mercy Foundation

After a series of conflicts for the past 40 years, communities in Northern Uganda still struggle with access to clean water for drinking and suitable water for farming. Love Mercy Foundation used their Reece Grant to drill fresh water wells and provide irrigation in Awake Village.


Australian NGO Love Mercy Foundation have been working in Uganda for over ten years with Cents for Seeds, their loan-based program that helps provide women with the resources and training to start their own farms. But changes in the reliability and amount of rainfall means these fields are in need of irrigation. Australian irrigation specialist Lyle Hunt partnered with Love Mercy and the Reece Grant to get them what they need.


Two bore holes were drilled with accompanying pumps that now supply water to not only the locals but also the nearby Kristina Health Centre in Awake Village. An additional two boreholes were drilled in the Otuke District in Northern Uganda, supplying clean, safe water to remote villages of Olilim sub county.

We want to give the local community a sustainable and stable pathway — out of poverty.

Caitlin Barrett, Love Mercy Foundation


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